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Here is a brief story about one of my hunts in Argentina.

Argentina Hunt - White Lipped Peccary
Gordon with his White Lipped Peccary

I booked a trip to northern Argentina and checked in with my hunting party. I had wanted to hunt water buffalo, and the guide I had hired promised that I would track and see water buffalo, but it was up to me to actually shoot one. The province where I scheduled the hunt was Santiago del Estro, a province close to Paraguay and Bolivia. We stayed overnight at a national monument, “The General of the North”. The hosts of the hunting party were friends of local government officials and we were able to stay in the General’s personal dwelling. This residence was in the same condition as it was built. There was no modern accommodations like electricity or indoor plumbing. Lots and lots of beef would be cooked and served throughout the week, using the original cooking facilities, metal grates over hot coals. This was going to be a great week! Continue reading LOVE OF THE HUNT

What Should I Bring on my Hunting Trip?

When you have a long hunting trip planned out, it’s best to be well prepared for any situation. When you have to be accurate, it’s best to bring certain accessories that will ensure that what you aim at is what you fire at when you pull the trigger. When you go hunting, here are a few items that you should consider bringing along. Continue reading What Should I Bring on my Hunting Trip?

Hunting Gear To Help You Have the Best Season Yet

Here at LG Outdoors, we specialize in providing you with all things related to hunting. Whether it’s a rifle or a bow, ammunition or outdoor survival gear, we’ve got it all. We also have specialty hunting gear, like duck calls and other species of waterfowl. In addition to those calls, we also carry calls for turkeys, deer, squirrels, hogs, elk, moose, owls, crows, and others. Continue reading Hunting Gear To Help You Have the Best Season Yet